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Kidzlive talk on: 5 Important C’s of our lives. Saumya Kulshrestha : Founder of Poet’s collective
“Boredom leads to the discovery of creativity in one’s life.”

As satirical as it may sound, this is the most critical solution to today’s
hyperactive and sensitive lifestyles. Today life has become so engaging that
taking out time for some creative space has become challenging. The child often
finds himself trapped into a never-ending circle full of responsibilities, tests,
assessments, and competitions. As important as they look like, everything
should be processed for the ultimate goal to be achieved. Saumya Kulshrestha
shares her overwhelming journey and she tells how our education system needs
some polishing to nurture the child for a better future.

She starts by telling her school journey and expresses her concern about the
prejudice of our root system. “The smarter one takes up the science and the
humanities is made for the less intelligent one.”

We all have come across such notions at least once in our lifetime and very less
get the courage to break those bars and shine with their abilities. The interest
lies in the heart of the soul and everyone has the right to choose what’s best for
them. One very important lesson she shared from her journey was that,
“Succeeding might not always give you happiness.” “Happiness is
unexplainable and should be eternal in nature.” “One might succeed in
something but not necessarily be happy about it.” This is a very critical point to
be emphasized upon.

There are five things that our education system should have embedded into
itself are :
Creativity, Communication skills, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and

This also has a very important linkage with the childhood of one’s life. In
childhood, developing a space where the child can shift his or her brain from a
hyper-stimulated zone to their thinking zone is extremely important to embark
on the presence of passion, creativity, and art in a child’s life.
So, dream and let dream.

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DIFFERENT TIMES? – Matter of Perspective by Mrs. Saloni Kaul (Founder and
CEO-It’s People)

Mrs. Kaul believes that these unforeseen circumstances are not difficult times, but different times.
She overlooks at the challenges with a lense of immense courage and confidence. She also claims,
that when we will change our perspective, times shall pass more gracefully. Time is the best teacher and we must embrace every bit of it. These times are the most overwhelming phase of our life which we shall remember forever. This can be a foundation for better family bondings, better parenting, better learning, and better self-exploration.

She lay a solid emphasis on self-development while addressing the nationwide lockdown and also
conveys her thoughtful message by stating that, ‘Lockdown or not, learning must go on’. Mrs. Saloni Kaul is an Entrepreneur and Business Management Coach with 30 years of industry experience. With ttraveling across the globe, she has gathered experiential knowledge with times and gains. She also conveys that one must have an agenda to work. A structured day and a functional routine is the key to maximize productivity, especially during lockdown days. Having a strong regime and punctually following it makes one move ahead in life.

Lockdown days are the new normal for all of us. Till when are we going to make excuses and stop
ourselves from learning?

These unprecedented times can be new doors to new ways of learning. From a toddler becoming a YouTuber to an adult writing a novel, from a child developing business ideas to the elder one playing guitar. Trying times can be turned into opportunities and could be a gateway to innovation and creativity.

The speaker also stresses immensely upon the benefits of reading books. When you feel alone in
such hard times, a book can be your best friend. The one who reads is the one who knows. These times have brought a technological revolution alongside, which calls for a lot of new habits and ways of functioning. Online studies, webinars, sessions, virtual classes, e-consultancies etc are changing the ways of growing up of a child. Parents must understand and support their children in such changing loops of life. Every child is unique. Every individual is different. A lot of things can ease out the process of inner engineering and make this self-exploration journey a success like books, arts, crafts, academic subjects, games etc. It is very important for the parents as well as the children to come into sync and function as a developing unit for a better future. Shifting trends call for flexibility and attitude to accept. From physical to virtual classes, the pyramid of learning might have changed its dimension but the foundation remains the same.

Mrs. Kaul has changed the lense to look upon the pandemic as an opportunity rather than a

How to fuel your childs’ dream.

Three failed startups and now a successful entrepreneur.
“Life has come to a complete standstill
We don’t know how many people this virus will kill
This lockdown seems like an endless drill
This virus has left a deep void which will never fill
Think of the laborers who are stuck in a cage
Their only means to survival was their daily wage
Corona spreading everywhere like a rage
So stay at home during this crucial stage
The stock market has crashed, business is down
It’s time to firmly hold your ground
Just read a book and keep yourself mentally sound
When you are lost, it’s the best time to be found
This virus is a reminder that we are constantly on the run
Sometimes it’s good to stop and soak in the sun
There is a lot of damage that’s already been done
But hey! If you are sleeping with your family tonight, you are the blessed one.”

The insightful thoughts shared by the Expert in Counselling both the students and the parents in shaping their child’s future, Mr. Anmol Garg, An entrepreneur unlocks the code to the ultimate success of your child.

It is 2020 and we are heading towards an ocean full of dreams, eyes full of passion where sky is the limit. Mr. Anmol Garg tells how society had put him down, how he failed 3 times in his startup, and became successful. “Exams, Competition, Marks, Ranks, Numbers, Percentages, Degrees, Job, Promotion” is the enclosed chamber of old school thoughts that are still trapped in the minds of parents which ultimately leads to child’s troublesome journey. Parents are blindfolded with a myth to have a perfect, flawless child and this whole notion of making the child turn into a doctor or an engineer is what we need to stop.

Your child will fail. Your child will fall. Your child will fall again and again and get up every single time, We need to break the stereotypical barriers of learning for our child. Create a space for open communication for your child and learn his or her passion.

Expert says, ” Failures are learnings. You can’t have a life devoid of failures. Never pray for lessen burden, Pray for stronger backs. Look at failures as if they are learnings. ”
Expert also claims that finding passion is not an overnight job to do. It is Experimental and a few tips to find passion in yourself are as follows:-

1. Experiment with yourself. Do whatever you feel like doing. But always do the right thing. Answers to finding passion do not come immediately, it’s a process, let it happen.

2. Career counseling is also a good starting point to identify the strengths and weaknesses, interests and dislikes, and abilities as well. Do not depend your decisions based only on a psychometric test.

3. Have open communication with your parents, when you tall about your interests openly with confidence, you are more likely to tap your passion.

Societal pressures are the barriers we need to break. We need to mend our ways and start with the right approach in shaping our child’s career. From a doctor to a baker, your child can be anything, make sure you add fuel to it, flavor to it. Let your child fly, the sky is the limit.

Transformation of Education amidst lockdown

Knowledge is Power, and Education is the anatomy of this power. Our education is our epitome of building up new blocks in life and transpiring our goals ahead. For every human being education plays a vital role, and within the years followed by; our education system have indeed transformed into an enigmatic way of paradigm and conspired from the traditional system into a more flexible and student-centred form. ”Education is not just a work of transfer of information” says Ashok Kumar the founder ‘Muni International School, Surat’ who believes that children should not only be limited or confined to the standards of education but also aspire in different perspectives and have choices and alternatives in the life. And also, for us education must be our storage of information and the representation and cultivating of new thoughts, new ideas.  “Necessity is the mother of Invention” but as Sire, Ashok Kumar quoted what we require in this 21st century is the processing of new thoughts and reforming the ancient Greek quotation into “Thought is the mother of invention”.

Our children are our future and they hold preeminent importance in building up our society, where likewise the gen-z is developing and amidst the dire situation of this pandemic their education also, bridged the boundaries for learning at the pace of different sphere. The circumstances didn’t set the limits but indeed paved a path for more and more learning even through video calls and substantially students enormously engaging into various forms of digital learning.  Difficulties at this time are adverse, but the process of learning should be continuous according to our reverent guest, he adds that with the changing education structure of education the children are even filling up the generation gap and communication for them have been an affirmative aspect of learning and understanding and firmly believes that the online education shall change the procedure of our education system and expand into a new form of comprehending and open up a new chapter.  Also he express, that how school itself is a platform where children are guided on how every child is special in his/her own way and how they should inculcate their talent because the society and the mankind is already replaced by machines, technology and artificial intelligence and therefore we need to learn to be a human first and a human for this society.


There’s something about travelling, sometimes it’s inspirational, and sometimes it’s connecting people and even sometimes reliving the present.

We all can emphatically agree that how our plans for vacations have merely been unfulfilled because of the pandemic but needn’t worry because  kidzpreneur is back with its talk series with Anurag Singhal the founder of ‘Travel on Street’ who will unleash on how we can definitely plan and reevaluate our next trip with travel on street.

His journey started from a small town and then working with call centre operations (Airtel, Spice Telecom) and travel space and it wasn’t  until sixteen years of working experience which finally made him realize, he had to optimize into the travel industry and what motivated him is one of the key reason for the establishment of ‘Travel on Street’ -that despite the development in  21st century with various technology and gadgets, what we are missing is human touch, and the personal relationship with the people. And travel on street, creates and focuses on consumer service and their satisfaction.

The students/ kids are the actual ambassadors of the travel industry ‘sir quotes and he’s speaks on how they should be involved in learning hospitality courses and articulate with innovations and firmly believes that kidzpreneur is such a platform that certainly will give entrepreneurs to this sector. Despite, this tough time children should try to stay positive, be practical and read more.

This phase have been a quite hard time for all of us because in the present  there is no more family vacation to Taj Mahal, visiting the Pink city, no more romantic nights in Paris, walking down the streets of New York, or having a slice of pizza in Italy. But according to Anurag Singhal complying to the current situation he believes that there will be more domestic travel as “India with its diversity is beautiful” but the experience will be different, with new norms and rules of maintain social distancing because with the growing consequences safety and being cautious is a vital aspect. With which Amit Mishra our co-founder adds on how one can be optimistic, self motivate besides how this lockdown has pushed us into our own limits and at the moment all we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy and plan for our next trip. And probably, now we know where can switch to for our future vacation.


“Think as if life is a campfire”
All you need is a wood, some fire, a catalyst, campers and also an umbrella for a perfect campfire to happen.

The wood is your strength. The value, the potential in you to do something. The fire is your Passion. Your desire. A Catalyst is your mentor. Anybody who supports you, wants to see you grow. People who inspire you. People who support you no matter what. The task is not complete. Our mission is not just to have a campfire. Out goal is to have campers too. The meaning to your passion is added when you spread it. When you join a community of like minded people and grow together. That’s when campers come into play. An Umbrella is also needed for camping, it might sound gauche, but the uncertainties of life should be met with utmost endurance and one should always have back up plans.

This beautiful explanation given by A PHD scientist, A wildlifer, A traveler, A revolutionist and the founder of Wild Wild Wanderer gives us encouragement and motivation. She also tells that Wildlife conservation is not just a piece of information for our future, our children, but it is a responsibility. Awareness and education are they key elements in shaping mind and bringing about a change. Our earth needs to be protected. Our future needs to be safeguarded. And this only comes when change is the objective. When revolution is the goal. The drive to bring any change either in yourself or in the society, comes from within.

According to the study, a child’s brain is a pool of ideas. A child is more likely to adapt the changes and understand things than an adult. So childhood is the right age to start shaping your child’s brain without affecting his own freedom of expressions. When the child finds his or her passion, become their catalyst. Support them and guide them through the process. Due to an exponential growth in technology, children have a plethora of knowledge just at their one click. We should ensure that their energy and time are spent in the right direction and they find the right campers throughout their journey of growing. That’s how a child can have a perfect campfire looking back at his childhood with a smile on his face and tears of joy.

Talk on how to engage children at home in Lockdown

It’s 2020, and this year has already created a vacuum for the children during this quarantine period and the thought about when this pandemic will end and how children amidst this lockdown will engage themselves and get back on their track have been a major concern hindering every parent’s mind.

But well, then it wouldn’t be a herculean task because Kidspreneur is back with its talk series session with Mrs. Priyanka Prabhakar who along with her husband are the founders of Coco Moco Kids, which is an initiative business aims to help and to engage children to explore a gaming space to keep them off screen time and invest their time building up their learning skills, their motor abilities in all aspects possible where they can be creative and learn right things while playing. And sharing her journey about how they started almost six years back making games and the whole idea of bringing them back to tangible products is itself very inspirational because with the growing Indian market there are a bevy of brands for educational toys and Mrs Prabhakar expresses how Coco Moco kids have maintained the specificity, as she unlocks and discloses

The niche distinguished in making the toys are mainly geographical, and travelling which eventually interest the children in the learning process and

How their games are well led designed, that the children can particular and also the importance of preserving balances between the buyer and the user.

We can all agree upon how digitalisation have taken its place in the current world scenario and how technology has taken up the space in the life of every children and our guest feels alike  and thoroughly apprises us that how we can minimise the time children spend on their gadgets and encourages parents to make

A structure for the day after their children’s online session and also help them to adopt outdoor activities such as gardening, plant trees

Asking children to help them while cleaning and doing household activities which in due course help younger children learn measurements and develop their motor skills, learning various courses online.

And what would be a better possibility than spending time with family learns different language, exercise, and sustain physical training, create toys, make DIY’S.

The best ways of learning begins from a very small step and motivating  and nurturing the young entrepreneurs  are one of the key features that kidspreneur focuses, and discussing upon Mrs Prabhakar  quotes “Entrepreneurship cannot just fit into a box” and describes how a business or a start-up or entrepreneurs work and accomplishes with just  the “The requirement of right people who can outsource tasks and work unifying  , is the best secret to run a company and this step to become an entrepreneur can begin right now amidst this lockdown by asking children to discover their new ideas, with which agreeing to the word said by our  co-founder Amit Mishra shares how kids should learn and nurture them to be future-ready in a fun way and developing new ideas and this should be taught from  the beginning.

And why parents should be the hands of the children helping them, interacting  and engaging them with the right thing at the right time.

How an Introvert became a successful Entrepreneur.

Introverts are the people who predominantly concerned with their own self thoughts and feelings rather than external feelings. They have a tough time in opening up and expressing their view points. And so was Mr. Swarandeep Kambo. Today, this man is the Lead – Investments and Community at 𝐔𝐍𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐇, a global non-profit initiative aiming to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals by bringing young global talents together to innovate and collaborate on new solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

He despite of his introvert personality had become a mentor today and is helping people globally. Introverts are masters at self-evaluation. And since fear is felt within, introverts have a leg up when it comes to using introspection to learn about fear. Having supportive people in your corner who can provide encouragement, cheerleading or accountability can help make facing your fears feel easier.

If you are an introvert and you have a difficulty in opening up and expressing, the first thing you need to do is to get out of the comfort zone. Get rid of that hesitation. Transition yourself. Take small steps each day to reach that goal. Start taking initiatives. Interact with like minded people starting from your cheerleaders and try to communicate as much as you can, says Mr.Kambo. Introvert or not, there is no way where you should run away from the challenges. Life will always challenge you in some way or the other. One must always keep changing for the better.