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Talk on how to engage children at home in Lockdown

It’s 2020, and this year has already created a vacuum for the children during this quarantine period and the thought about when this pandemic will end and how children amidst this lockdown will engage themselves and get back on their track have been a major concern hindering every parent’s mind.

But well, then it wouldn’t be a herculean task because Kidspreneur is back with its talk series session with Mrs. Priyanka Prabhakar who along with her husband are the founders of Coco Moco Kids, which is an initiative business aims to help and to engage children to explore a gaming space to keep them off screen time and invest their time building up their learning skills, their motor abilities in all aspects possible where they can be creative and learn right things while playing. And sharing her journey about how they started almost six years back making games and the whole idea of bringing them back to tangible products is itself very inspirational because with the growing Indian market there are a bevy of brands for educational toys and Mrs Prabhakar expresses how Coco Moco kids have maintained the specificity, as she unlocks and discloses

The niche distinguished in making the toys are mainly geographical, and travelling which eventually interest the children in the learning process and

How their games are well led designed, that the children can particular and also the importance of preserving balances between the buyer and the user.

We can all agree upon how digitalisation have taken its place in the current world scenario and how technology has taken up the space in the life of every children and our guest feels alike  and thoroughly apprises us that how we can minimise the time children spend on their gadgets and encourages parents to make

A structure for the day after their children’s online session and also help them to adopt outdoor activities such as gardening, plant trees

Asking children to help them while cleaning and doing household activities which in due course help younger children learn measurements and develop their motor skills, learning various courses online.

And what would be a better possibility than spending time with family learns different language, exercise, and sustain physical training, create toys, make DIY’S.

The best ways of learning begins from a very small step and motivating  and nurturing the young entrepreneurs  are one of the key features that kidspreneur focuses, and discussing upon Mrs Prabhakar  quotes “Entrepreneurship cannot just fit into a box” and describes how a business or a start-up or entrepreneurs work and accomplishes with just  the “The requirement of right people who can outsource tasks and work unifying  , is the best secret to run a company and this step to become an entrepreneur can begin right now amidst this lockdown by asking children to discover their new ideas, with which agreeing to the word said by our  co-founder Amit Mishra shares how kids should learn and nurture them to be future-ready in a fun way and developing new ideas and this should be taught from  the beginning.

And why parents should be the hands of the children helping them, interacting  and engaging them with the right thing at the right time.

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