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Kidzlive talk on: 5 Important C’s of our lives. Saumya Kulshrestha : Founder of Poet’s collective
“Boredom leads to the discovery of creativity in one’s life.”

As satirical as it may sound, this is the most critical solution to today’s
hyperactive and sensitive lifestyles. Today life has become so engaging that
taking out time for some creative space has become challenging. The child often
finds himself trapped into a never-ending circle full of responsibilities, tests,
assessments, and competitions. As important as they look like, everything
should be processed for the ultimate goal to be achieved. Saumya Kulshrestha
shares her overwhelming journey and she tells how our education system needs
some polishing to nurture the child for a better future.

She starts by telling her school journey and expresses her concern about the
prejudice of our root system. “The smarter one takes up the science and the
humanities is made for the less intelligent one.”

We all have come across such notions at least once in our lifetime and very less
get the courage to break those bars and shine with their abilities. The interest
lies in the heart of the soul and everyone has the right to choose what’s best for
them. One very important lesson she shared from her journey was that,
“Succeeding might not always give you happiness.” “Happiness is
unexplainable and should be eternal in nature.” “One might succeed in
something but not necessarily be happy about it.” This is a very critical point to
be emphasized upon.

There are five things that our education system should have embedded into
itself are :
Creativity, Communication skills, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and

This also has a very important linkage with the childhood of one’s life. In
childhood, developing a space where the child can shift his or her brain from a
hyper-stimulated zone to their thinking zone is extremely important to embark
on the presence of passion, creativity, and art in a child’s life.
So, dream and let dream.

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